What Are The Free Roku Channels to Stream?

Want to know what are the free Roku channels to stream? Check this list.

Roku is well known for its organized content it has in its channel store.  There are free channels, as well as paid ones. The free Roku channels are free to download and to stream, and users don’t have to pay any subscription fees or enter into payment package for streaming these free channels.

what are the free Roku channels

Space Time

  • Space-time is for young budding scientists, to experience some of the best NASA content.
  • This is definitely one of the best Roku free channels to stream.

Check the Saveur

  • To get some expert cooking tips and hints, stream this channel.

Bob Ross

  • You can use this channel to paint. If you like to paint, make sure to add this to your Roku account.

Tubi TV

  • Tubi allows you to access more than 12,000 video contents.
  • Both movies and shows are available.


  • Telecast  anime likes Dragon Ball Super, Bleach and much more.

PBS Kids

  • Public Broadcasting Service has dedicated this channel for kids
  • TV shows, Educational games are made available.

For what are the free Roku channels that are popular to stream?


  • TED is one of the most streamed favorites, which houses close to a million videos on the topics you love!
  • You can follow some of the best speakers to stream videos on your favorite content!
  • This is definitely one channel you need to stream on your Roku player.


  • This channel lets you stream the latest entertainment hits like blockbuster movies, TV series etc.

Relax Time

  • Relax time is a wonderful channel that coins faraway dreamy destination spots.
  • Just a simple tuning into the channel can reduce the stress levels considerably.


  • You get access to more than 600 global channel partners and approximately 90,000 video-on-demand titles to stream in this channel!
  • If you prefer the the-air channels, don’t miss the FilmOn!
  • FilmOn is known for its great selection of movies and entertainment content for users.

These are some of the best free Roku channels watched around the globe. We hope you found our article on what are the free Roku channels to stream to be useful.

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