Stream Local Video To Roku

If you want to stream local video to Roku, you must first ensure that your device able to stream. In case, the Roku player is facing some issues, it is denoted through error codes. Each error code denotes a specific issue related to the Roku device or with the related electronic devices. If your device is displaying one of the following error codes, then troubleshoot it with the corresponding remedial steps.

Stream Local Video To Roku

Roku error code 001

  • Go to the HOMESCREEN -> FAST FORWARD button
  • Press the REWIND button twice
  • You will be prompted for a software update -> select OK
  • After the update completes connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • If it does not work, reset the device

Roku error code 003

This code denotes a faulty internet connection. To resolve the issue,

  • Turn off the router and turn it back on after a few minutes
  • Check the router settings
  • Change the mode from 802.11 to 802.11 b/g

Roku error code 009

  • Turn off the router and the Roku device for a few minutes
  • Switch on both the devices
  • If that does not help, disconnect all wires and reconnect them one by one

Roku error code 011

  • From the Roku HOMESCREEN navigate to the SETTINGS menu
  • Select NETWORK from the available options
  • Setup the device once again
  • Select your network’s name and enter the corresponding password
  • Thus you will be able to establish a connection with the network
  • Else reboot the Roku device and try once again

Roku error code 014

  • If the Roku was connected to the router through a wired connection change it to a wireless connection and vice versa
  • Plug out all the wires and reinsert them
  • Restart the Roku player and all related devices
  • Check if you are able to start streaming
  • If not, repeat the process over again

Now that your device is error free, you can stream local video to Roku either from your USB flash drive or from your local area network.

From USB flash drive

  • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB input port on your Roku media player
  • However, not all Roku devices support this feature
  • If you wish to connect more than one USB drive, then make use of a hub
  • A device selection screen will appear on your TV screen
  • Select your USB drive on this screen

From another device connected to the LAN

  • The device containing the video to be played must run the DLNA server
  • The servers that are compatible with Roku players include,
    • Windows Media Player
    • Serviio
    • Plex
    • Twonky
    • PlayOn
    • Ready Media

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