Store Tours Roku Channel Activation

How was shopping before e-commerce took over? This channel brings back the brick and mortar feel back to light again. Check out this channel to see your favorite items on the shelf. For more information on Store Tours Roku Channel Activation, call our tech experts at the toll-free lines.

What does this channel stream?

  • People choose the e-commerce due to the convenience factor.
  • This channel focusses on bringing back the attention to the bricks-and-mortar store.
  • Stream this channel to catch the live shopping narrations of buyers from reputed stores.
  • Check out places to buy the best articles by streaming this channel.

Store Tours Roku Channel Activation

Which category does this channel come under?

  • This channel comes under the shopping category.
  • Navigate to the channel store.
  • The channel store lists the channels to stream in Roku.
  • To add this channel, click on the add channel.

How to do Store Tours Roku Channel Activation

  • Check and connect your Roku player to the TV.
  • Authenticate the Roku player by activation.
  • To activate the device, see the Settings on your Roku player.
  • Then, proceed to the main System and choose to Activate on your Roku
  • Check if your channel appears in the channels list.
  • Use the Activate option to activate the channel.
  • The screen displays the activation code on the screen.
  • Use this code from the screen.
  • Copy and enter in the activation space box.
  • While entering the code, make sure you are logged into your account.
  • After you log into the device, you can start streaming the channel on your Roku or other media streamer.

How to subscribe pay channels?

  • Subscribe to the channel by paying a monthly subscription fee for pay channels.
  • Follow these steps for channel subscription.
  • Verify the payment information for your Roku account
  • Then, Check card details for your Roku account.
  • Update the profile to change the card information.
  • Sign in to your account and find the channel in channel store
  • Hit the subscribe button
  • Make the subscription payment
  • If your channel doesn’t get automatically subscribed, it means that the Roku is not able to charge through the payment method like the card detail which is stored in your account.
  • If you want to subscribe again, purchase the channel again.

Our tech experts are always available online for you at the toll-free lines +1-888-844-1380. We shall guide you through the call, with our personalized guidance. For more information on Store Tours Roku Channel Activation, reach out to us for instant support.