Now You Can Easily Soft-Reset Your Roku Device?

When using the Roku device, you may across ‘Retrieving’ error message or in some cases, your device may freeze or won’t open properly. For troubleshooting these errors, you can either choose ‘Soft Reset’ or ‘Factory Reset’. To restart your device, you can go ahead with the soft reset method. Soft- resetting is a method of restarting the Roku device without losing any data. There are several ways to soft-reset your Roku.

By Remote

If your Roku freezes, you can soft-reset it by pressing the following buttons on your remote:

  • First, press the home button five times
  • After that, press up one time
  • Next, rewind two times then
  • Finally, press fast forward two times.

This will soft-reset your device and should work on all Roku devices.

From the Menu:

You can soft-reset your Roku device from the menu by following these steps:Roku soft-reset

  • From the home screen, select the “settings”option
  • After that, select the “system” option
  • Then, choose the “power” option
  • Finally, select “system restart”.

This process should restart your device.

Using the Reset Button:

If you have an older Roku device, you can reset it using the reset button by:

  • Locating the Reset button on the back part your device (It is located beyond the power port.)
  • Press the button in using a paperclip and release after about a second of pressing

If you have followed the steps correctly, the device should restart.

Pulling the Power Plug:

If the aforementioned soft-reset methods do not seem to be working for you, then you may need to reset your device by pulling the plug. Simply remove the power cord, leave the cord disconnected for twenty seconds, and plug the cord back into your Roku device.

If you need any help for resetting your Roku device call Toll-free +1-888-844-1380 anytime or you can also chat with our technicians through chat box available at


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