Roku Web Browser

Queries on the Roku web browser arises often.  The Roku streaming player gives the access to stream video and music playlist from the internet.

  • Note that you cannot use the streaming player for browsing the internet on your television.
  • If you want to browse on Roku, access the Roku channel store to download new applications for web streaming.
  • Go to channel store and type browsers
  • The channel list will automatically display all the web browsers.
  • Choose the web browser and click the option install.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open the app and type in the content you want to search.

Roku Web Browser

Check these Roku web browsers to use


  • Use the web app and then browse the content for News, Sports, Weather, Finance, Entertainment, and more.

Browser X

  • Install the Browser X to surf the web with just your streaming device.
  • Browser X is an excellent app which delivers web pages with clickable links, and not just a display of screenshots of web pages.
  • The home page of Browser X will let you select many links like the Google News, ABC News, Fox News, CNN.
  • By Clicking on the * button you can enter the URL directly or do a Google search for any topic.
  • There are also options to make any web page as “favorite” or to make it on the landing page.
  • Once the page loads, you can use directional buttons present in remote to move from a link to the next link.
  • When you want to load that link, press the link.
  • Use the up and down directional arrows for page scroll.
  • The Browser X is definitely one of the best ways to surf the web on Roku and enjoy all your favorite content and more.

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