Most Popular Roku Web Browser Private Channel

The Roku devices support Roku web browser private channel. These private channels have a code associated with them, unlike Roku channel store channels. Read on to learn more about them.

Adding a private channel

  • To begin with, log into the Roku account linked to your current device
  • Before that obtain the code for the private channel from the channel provider
  • Now, navigate to the ADD A CHANNEL menu option
  • Then, key in the channel code in the corresponding text box
  • And then, select the ADD CHANNEL option
  • Now, verify if the channel is added to the account
  • Otherwise, refresh each of the devices linked to this account
  • Navigate to the settings menu on the device
  • Then, choose the SYSTEM option followed by the SYSTEM UPDATE
  • Finally, choose the CHECK NOW menu option
  • Enter your credit card or PayPal details for a subscription channel

Roku Web Browser Private Channel

List of popular Roku web browser private channels


  • NMEVA is the channel code for the FilmOn channel
  • Here, watch video on demand and live TV
  • Also, it supports more than 600 global channels
  • Furthermore, record up to 60 minutes of live TV with this channel app

Nowhere TV

  • H9DWC is the channel code for the Nowhere TV
  • Now, stream live TV and other global channels on this platform

Television shopping

  • TVS is the channel code for the Television shopping channel
  • Also, this Roku web browser private channel supports other channels such as:
    • HSN
    • QVC
    • Liquidation Channel
    • Coin Vault
  • Make use of these channels and shop for the latest kitchen and fitness equipment

iTunes Podcasts

  • ITPC is the channel code for the iTunes Podcasts channel
  • Moreover, access the entire podcast directory via the Roku player
  • And, it supports features such as playback recall, favorites, and multiple filters

Saveur Magazine

  • Saveur is the channel code for the Saveur Magazine channel
  • Here, view and enjoy culinary articles, cooking tips, and other travel food recipes
  • Also, access the magazine’s video content through this Roku web browser private channel

Al Jazeera

  • aljazzeraenglish is the channel code for the Al Jazeera English channel
  • Besides, it is the most trust-worthy news channel
  • Moreover, watch live news 24/7 on this channel

Capital TV

  • capital TV is the channel code for this channel
  • Also, it is the most popular music channel in the UK
  • Stream and listen to music 365 days a year on this channel


  • CN6MRTG is the channel code for the Space-Time channel
  • Then again, watch videos from renowned space agencies across the globe

Popular Science

  • Popular Science is the channel code for this channel
  • Interestingly, watch the latest scientific developments unfold before your eyes
  • Also, these programs are suited for all audiences

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