Roku vs Fire Stick

This article deals with the comparison, Roku vs fire stick. The reason for choosing these devices is that they are both similar to USB dongles and are easily portable. Roku Premiere works more or less similar to Amazon Fire Stick. But the greatest advantage of Roku is that it has fewer advertisements than the Fire Stick. Roku has more video contents while Fire Stick lacks more video options.

Let’s jump straight to the Roku Vs Fire Stick in terms of specification, interface and performance.

Roku vs fire stickTechnical specifications – Roku vs fire stick

  • Both devices have a HDMI out port that can be connected to the HDMI in port of your television
  • The internal processors however differ between these devices
  • The Fire stick is powered by a 1.2 GHz Broadcom processor whereas the Roku streaming stick is powered by a 600 MHz Broadcom processor
  • They have similar output resolution of 1080 p
  • Both devices do not support 4K content
  • The Fire stick is a little bigger in size when compared to the Roku streaming stick
  • The power input port varies with both devices, where the streaming stick has a Micro USB in port and the Fire stick has a USB in port
  • The Amazon Fire stick beats the Roku product in terms of RAM and internal storage
  • The Fire stick has a 1 GB RAM and an 8GB flash memory whereas the streaming stick has a meager 512 MB RAM and a 256 MB internal storage

Other features – Roku vs fire stick

  • Amazon Prime membership is very expensive whereas many of the Roku channels are free of cost
  • Even after getting a Prime membership, you might have to make in app purchases
  • However that is not the case with Roku
  • Create a free Roku account and you can add as many free channels you want
  • You can also pay for subscription channels and add them to the Roku account
  • The channel database of Amazon Fire stick is very small when compared to that of Roku
  • Roku has more than 4000 channels to its credit

Based on the above mentioned features, we can safely say that the Roku streaming stick is the better device. Though it has a slower processor and RAM, the Roku streaming stick provides a wider content. Moreover, the Roku products are always easier to troubleshoot in comparison to its market peers. Having all these points in mind, you can choose the better device. For more information and updates about these devices, give us a call on our toll-free number 1-888-844-1380 or