Roku Soft Reset

The Roku Soft Reset is performed when the streaming device freezes or stops. This actually is a resolution to most issues that you might face with the player. The Roku is powered by some of the most advanced features such as voice-enabled search, Ultra high definition 4K content and Dolby Audio that give a theater effect. The Roku channel store contains 4000 entertainment channels in multiple languages.

Roku soft reset

The functioning of the Roku can get disrupted due to many factors. Soft resetting the device will help you resolve the situation almost immediately.

Things to Remember When Resetting your Roku

  • Personal preferences and settings will be lost.
  • You have to go through the initial setup once again.
  • You have to link your Roku Account again.

We will guide you with the process:

  • Plug out the device and wait for 20 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Use the remote to do a Roku soft reset,
    • Press down the HOME button continuously for five times
    • Now press the up arrow once and Rewind button twice
    • And then press the Fast-forward button twice
  • Use the Menu to do a Rou soft reset,
    • Select SETTINGS option from the home screen
    • Make a selection called SYSTEM followed by POWER
    • Finally, select SYSTEM RESTART
  • The following method works well with older versions of Roku
    • There is a RESET button at the bottom of the device
    • Use a pointed object such as a pen to do this
    • Try playing a channel to check if the device was reset

After successfully doing a Roku soft reset, you can enjoy some of the most popular channels on Roku such as Netflix, CBS, HBO, Amazon Video, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, Baby TV and much more. Some IMDB hits of 2017 that you shouldn’t miss watching on your Roku are,

  1. Ti AniItar
  2. Nothing but the wind
  3. Story Tellers : An evening with colorful characters
  4. Two people
  5. The Espadrillo Fortune
  6. The God of small things
  7. Whitefolks
  8. IT
  9. Mother
  10. Kingsman: the Golden Circle
  11. American Assassin
  12. Baby Driver
  13. Wonder Woman
  14. Star Wars: the last Jedi
  15. Transformers: the last Knight

If you required any technical assistance for Roku soft reset, contact us at or 1-888-844-1380.