Roku Private Channels Live TV

Roku offers a wide range of entertainment devices. Though the model differs, every streaming device works in a similar manner. You can either choose Free or Paid channels. If you are interested in the paid channels, check our list of the best Roku private channels live TV.

Roku private channels live TV

Nowhere TV Roku Channel

  • Nowhere TV is still one of our most watched Roku channels.
  • Stream great content on Nowhere TV.
  • Nowhere TV features live content and good IPTV sources.
  • This private Roku channel is Free and is updated with content frequently.
  • Nowhere TV is on par with paid and subscribed channels in Roku.
  • To add this channel, use the code

FilmOn Roku Channel

  • FilmOn is another channel which features great live TV content.
  • Find BBC programming blocked while using FilmOn in U.S.
  • FilmOn is a must add channel for watching the Live TV on their Roku.
  • To add this channel, use the code NMEVA

Nowhere TV and FilmOn are some of the most popular best Roku private channels live TV.

Pluto TV Roku Channel

  • Pluto TV contains quite a bit of on-demand content.
  • Experience the live TV section which streams the News hour shows from Sky News, MSNBC, and Newsmax, also a few others.


  • Channel PEAR is wonderful live IPTV channel, which lets you choose among the huge list of community channels.
  • These community channels provide the Live TV Channels.
  • This is similar to the Kodi and Plex channel platform.
  • Stream this channel which is available as a playlist for users.
  • It is similar to Plex channel and gives the owners full control for customization.
  • Users can customize live streaming with their preferred content.
  • Use the free version only in one device.
  • For connecting more devices, use a paid account.
  • This gives you unlimited content sources to add at just $3 a month.
  • A paid subscription will also work with any number of devices.
  • If you are having trouble linking the channel to your account, reach out to us for channel installation.

Philo TV

  • Philo is similar to the Sling or Vue channels.
  • Stream great channels for free.
  • The free subscription is for a period of 7 days.

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