Various Roku Models and Roku Features

Before using your Roku device, you should know what is Roku. Roku is nothing but a series of “digital media player set-top boxes” and it is manufactured by Roku, Inc. The Roku Streaming Player obtains data (which shows up as the video stream) from your internet connection.  The box is connected to your router which is connected to the internet.  With the Roku’s input connections, it can be connected to any television or video input device. You can activate your Roku device at

Roku Features:

The Roku device has lots of important features that provide an enjoyable experience for its users.  It has full 1080p HD support, shortcut buttons on the remote to access popular channels, search capabilities across several content providers, an application for mobile devices that provides remote capabilities and allows you to stream personal media to your television, and the ability to use the app in locations where you may need to log into the Wi-Fi, such as hotels. The Roku is available in several different Roku models. Some examples are:

Roku Features - Activation Roku

Roku Models:

Roku offers a range of streaming device with varying models and features. The major difference is that some of the models come in box while a few models are stick type streaming device. Whatever the model be, Roku offers the best streaming service.

  1. Roku PremiereRoku Premiere connects to the internet via an ethernet port and you control it with a remote. It comes with a headphone jack so that you can stream your content without disturbing any of the people surrounding you.
  2. Roku UltraRoku Ultra is a top of the line model. It streams its content in HDR, has an optical audio port that you can connect to home theatre systems, and a port that you can attach a USB to so you can share media files.
  3. Roku ExpressThis is the most basic model of Roku available.  While it may not have the advanced features offered in the other models, a benefit to it is that yo can use it with non-HD televisions.
  4. Roku Streaming StickThe Roku Streaming Stick is a unique model because it’s not actually a box, but it’s a device that you can directly plug into your HDMI port on your TV.  It’s recommended for wall-mounted televisions that may not have enough room to support a box.

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