Roku Arabic Private Channels

Check out the Roku Arabic private channels available for streaming. Private channels are significantly still in development phase by channel developers.

Roku Arabic Private Channels

Some free private Arabic channels are:

  • Arabia V TV 2
  • ArabRoku
  • DishWorld Arabic
  • Parables TV
  • Al Jazeera English
  • PressTV
  • Ahul Bayt TVe
  • Albernameg
  • Jewish Family Channel
  • RedBullTV
  • Q3030 Networks

What are private channels?

  • Private channels are channels which are in testing stage by developers.
  • The Roku Arabic Private channels don’t appear in the channel store list.
  • For streaming these channels specifically, send a request to the developer of the channel.
  • Channel developers own these private channels.
  • You can access free secret Private channels which lists the original soaps, movies, audio etc.
  • Type the channel access code so that you can send a request
  • The developer accepts your request for streaming channel.
  • The developer will accept your request and add the channel to your account.
  • Once it is added, you can stream the private channel for free!
  • Roku Channel store includes thousands of channels available for streaming.

Learn Arabic

Learn Arabic at home by adding the Roku Arabic Private channels!

  • Install the channel uniquely called Innovative Arabic
  • This channel helps you learn the language.
  • Listen to the conversation so that you may learn
  • You can also see the conversation on the screen
  • Learn the language in two months easily or even regardless of the timeframe

About the Roku platform

  • Roku is an open platform which offers a wonderful opportunity for developers to create new and exciting channels.
  • Since these channels are in development stage, they appear, in particular, on the Roku Channel Store only after a strict approval by Roku.
  • Private channels are generally not approved for general distribution by Roku,
  • Always browse and know about the private channel contents before adding them to your player.
  • The Roku channel store contains free and paid channel apps.

Check if the Roku Arabic Private Channels are free or paid.

  • For streaming free channels, install the channel from Roku store.
  • For others, enter into a subscription plan.
  • The subscription rates vary for every channel and service provider.
  • Subscriptions are monthly or yearly payment.
  • You can cancel the subscription at any time by clicking the cancel button in your Roku account.

Speak to our team members for channel management tips. You can also reach our online experts through our toll-free lines +1-888-844-1380 or visit us at for information on Roku Arabic private channels.