Resolve Roku 3 Software Update Failed Issues

The Roku 3 is a third generation Roku device which has the capacity to automatically update any software. If the automatic Roku 3 software update failed on your device, then you will have to manually rectify the issue.

The error code 003 will appear on your TV screen when your Roku doesn’t connect to the internet or due to some backend failures. In some cases, you can find your device ‘Connected’ but at the time of update, you can receive a Roku error code 003 on your TV screen.

Roku 3 software update failed

What does the error code 003 signify?

This error code signifies a software update failure and is caused by one of three reasons,

  1. The Roku website is not responding to a request from your device
  2. There is an issue with the Roku service and caused by an outage
  3. Your home network is faulty

If the error is due to a network issue, then follow the below-given steps to resolve it.

Resolving the error code 003 – network issue

  • Check if your Roku 3 device is connected to the correct network
  • You may find that this is applicable to wireless connections
  • In such cases, it is mandatory to select the name of the network correctly
  • Ensure the integrity of your router device
  • Check this by connecting another computer or a mobile device with your router
  • If other devices are able to connect to the router, then the issue could be signal strength
  • Place the Roku 3 device closer to the router for a better signal strength

If the Roku 3 software update failed on your device due to a Roku service issue, then contact the Roku website for resolving it.

  • If you are still unable to connect to the router, then restart all connected devices such as the media player, router and the TV
  • For Roku device restart,
    • Select the SETTINGS menu à then select the SYSTEM option à and finally select the SYSTEM RESTART option
  • Else, unplug and reinsert the power cable to reset the Roku 3 device
  • The media player will automatically connect to the router once the reset is complete
  • Complete the network setup first and then proceed to the software update
  • All Roku devices have the capability to connect wirelessly
  • If you are unable to establish a wireless connection with your network, connect the media player with the router using an Ethernet cable
  • Wired connections are faster than a wireless connection
  • If the issue is with your router, then contact your Internet Service Provider to resolve the issue
  • After troubleshooting the issue, you can manually update the software on your device

Using these steps you will be able to resolve the Roku 3 software update failed issue. Begin streaming with your device to confirm that the software update was successful. Still, Roku 3 software update failed issue persists call our toll-free number at +1-888-844-1380 or chat with us at