Roku 3 Headphone Jack Not Working

If you have the Roku 3 headphone jack not working issue then it probably means you are not able to view any video, nor are you able stream any audio from it.

Private Listening is disabled:

Private listening is one of the key features of Roku that allows you to listen to the audio from the streaming device or from your Roku TV with the help of headphones. If you have the problem with the headphone jack on your Roku remote then you might have the problem with listening to the audio from the streaming devices or from the Roku TV.

Roku 3 headphone jack not working

The headphone icon not displayed:

The headphone icon not displayed on your mobile app of Roku then the software could be outdated. You should update your Roku mobile app and install the latest software.

Video pauses every time you choose to private listen:

If you try to private listen and there is some problem with the headphone jack then every time you plug in your headphone jack the video streaming will get interrupted and get started again from the beginning as the video is in sync with the audio on your headphones.

To avoid this first insert the headphones to your remote before you start playing the video.

How to solve Roku 3 headphone jack not working:

  • If there is no audio from the video playing then check if the audio or volume is muted or very low.
  • If the audio is not syncing with the video the software will attempt to auto correct itself.

If your problem solves itself then your problem is rectified. In case the problem is not solved then read the blog

  • Remove and reinsert the headphone into the headphone jack and check if it is connected securely.
  • Check if your headphone is working by connecting it to another audio device or to another mobile device.
  • Try to stop and resume the video you are watching and check if your audio on the headphones is working properly.
  • If you are using the Roku mobile app then try to turn off and turn on the private listening on your mobile app.
  • You can try to close the application and restarting it again if the above step is not working.
  • You can try to restart your Roku device by unplugging the power cord wait for some time and replugging it.
  • If your problem still persists try changing the headphones

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