RCA Roku TV Review

Are you looking for a budget-friendly 1080p category TV with 43 inches with more features than you can imagine, this RCA Roku TV review will help you to clarify your doubts to choose the best.

This comes with Roku based system that gives you access to streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube.

RCA Roku TV review

The key features of the RCA TV are as follows:

Model Overview:

  • This is a 43 inch TV that functions with a native 1080p.
  • They have a Roku Streaming system integrated with them.
  • They have one or more HDMI ports for connecting external devices.
  • You can also connect through the RGB, Coaxial and S-Video ports.
  • The streaming services work without any buffering.


  • The grooved edges that hold the LED display are very thin which will measure less than an inch thick.
  • The stand is unique and beautiful.
  • It measures roughly 42*26*7 inches and weighs 23 pounds.
  • They come only in one color and that is black.


  • The RCA Roku TV review also indicates that the Roku stick works perfectly with the in streaming videos from Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video and added to this is 200 + channels.
  • The videos don’t have any lag or it doesn’t buffer much. You can watch all your favorite videos without a break.
  • You can also play videos from your mobile phone or computer just like Chrome Cast.
  • It delivers videos in stunning HD resolution.
  • The simple remote and a user-friendly experience will let you access your favorite content quickly.
  • With three HDMI ports, you can connect your DVD, Blu Ray player and your gaming console all at the same time.
  • Free mobile app with voice searching for IOS and Android to make searching your favorite videos fast and convenient.
  • You can easily pause your favorite shows that are streaming live in the RCA Roku TV Review and continue watching again from where you left it.
  • You can enjoy listening to your favorite shows or enjoy a movie privately using the private listening feature with your mobile device. You can keep as much volume you want without disturbing anyone around. Use the Roku Mobile app for both Android and IOS while you stream your favorite videos on Roku TV and enjoy private listening using your headphones.
  • You can also share you’re your photos and more to your Roku TV from your mobile phone or tablet. This will give you fantastic slideshows of the pictures from your mobile device which you can sit back and enjoy.
  • Connecting with an antenna you can also enjoy an over the air entertainment.
  • Endless choices of channels, movies, TV shows, live sports, news, and music. You can choose popular choices which you can rent, buy or subscribe to watch it for free.

This is the RCA Roku TV review. Among its competitors, the RCA Roku TV is a front-runner. For more information, call our toll-free number +1-805-221-0150 or visit rokucomlink.support.