Green Light Flashing On Your Roku Remote

The Green light that flash on your Roku remote indicate the remote error and there are lot of tips and tricks to resolve it. Just go for a quick restart of your remote. Take out the remote batteries and try inserting it again. Check the battery alignment and position. If the errors still persist just go for replacing your remote with a new one

Reinsert the Batteries

Open the battery compartment and check the seating of the batteries. Remove the batteries and try to insert it again in the respective slot. Check for the battery brand of good quality and start purchasing it.

Green Light Flashing On Your Roku Remote

Green Light Flashing On Your Roku Remote

Restart the Streaming Device That You Use

Try to restart the device. Remove all the cables that are connected to the device wait for some time and then connect it back again. Factory and Roku soft reset are the common methods that are preferred by Roku customers. Pick any one method that is comfortable for you.

Start Using the Roku Remote App

The Roku remote app is available and you can start downloading it from the store. Visit the Google play store or the app store and start your search by typing the name of the app in the search bar. Select the app that is compatible to use with your remote and then click on the download tab. Open the app and start making the necessary selections.

Separate apps are available for both Android and iOS version. These apps are specially designed with the features that can operate the same functions of your Roku remote.

Pair your Roku Remote

Pairing your remote again can help you to resolve the error to a greater extent. Here are the set of instructions to be done to reset your remote.

  • Check the seating of the batteries and wait for some time to pair the remote again

Purchase a New Remote

Get a new remote and Roku universal remote models are available in the market today and is in more demand among the customers today. These remote models can be used with any streaming device models. You can also try for Roku enhanced point to anywhere remote.

Check For The Obstacles

Double check if there are any obstacles between the device and the Remote. If so try to remove it immediately. Place the remote close to the device that you operate to avoid signal interferences.

If all the above steps don’t work you can try servicing your remote once. If the remote is new and is under the warranty period free service will be available to all the customers. Start pairing the remote with your TV and make the required selections. Use the tips above to resolve Green light flashing error on your Roku remote.

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