Insignia Roku TV

With deep contrast and highly dynamic HDR, Insignia Roku TV offers 4K viewing experience to its users. Using the Roku interface, you can stream up to 500,000+ movies and series and control the TV via voice search on your Roku mobile app. Here is the complete list on specification and performance details of Insignia Roku TV.

The good about Insignia Roku TV

  • Very good color accuracy.
  • Solid up-scaling performance.
  • Very good streaming options.
  • Intuitive smart TV
  • Voice search

Insignia Roku TVDesign of the Insignia TV:

  • The design of the Insignia TV is remarkable.
  • It is 2.5 inches Thick and is black in color.
  • The TC’s center-mounted round shaped stand is 12 inches deep and is stable enough for a tabletop placement.
  • All the required connectivity ports are provided on the Insignia TV on its sides.
  • There are 4 HDMI input ports with built-in 802.11ac support for high-speed wireless performance.
  • They also have the headphone jack, Ethernet, audio inputs, video inputs and antenna/ cable input located on the sides of the TV.

Performance of the Insignia Roku TV:

  • It performs well with a full fledge 4K content.
  • One drawback is the lack of detail in extreme contrast area which sometimes just whitewashes the place making those details not visible to us.
  • You can adjust the brightness and contrast manually or there are presets for brightness and contrast
  • You can also the android app or IOS smartphone expert settings to adjust the picture contrast and brightness.

Simpler remote:

  • The insignia remote just like the Roku remote is very handy and simple to use.
  • There are very few buttons that help you navigate easily.
  • There are additionally the HBO Now, Sling TV, Google Play and Netflix buttons.
  • It has the best menu in the market.
  • The language used is very simple making it very easy to navigate through channels.

The Roku you love built in a 4K TV:

  • A 4k Roku TV is more or less the same as regular Roku TV.
  • To stream a 4K TV show r movie you need the relatively very fast internet connection.
  • Roku’s interface makes 4K easier to find.
  • Searching for 4k UHD content is very easy.
  • There is a section that shows apps that can access only 4K content.
  • But this doesn’t include the PlayStation Vue as in Roku boxes.

Bottom Line:

  • The 50 inch 4K Insignia Roku TV is definitely an early standout.
  • It delivers a satisfying 4K picture from an ultra HD set giving you a satisfying picture quality.
  • This is the best for couch potatoes and cord-cutters and the product is a winner for lazy bones.
  • The only drawback is the HDR support.

To know more about the Insignia Roku TV visit our website. Also, call to our customer care numbers 1-888-844-1380 or to get information on the specifications.