How To Stream From Tablet To Roku

Learn from us how to stream from tablet to Roku, if you are new to Roku. Screen mirroring is an excellent technique for making better use of your Roku device. Read on further and speak to our customer care helpline to understand further on screen-mirroring.

  • Screen mirroring displays the content of any Android or Windows smart device wirelessly to your TV screen.
  • Use screen mirroring to see personal files stored in smartphone device like music files or photos.
  • For using Screen mirroring, connect the smartphone to the streaming player to stream videos, photos, web pages, music on TV.
  • We can guide you to have an effective and smooth screen mirroring experience.

stream from tablet to roku

How to use this feature?

  • Connect both the Roku streaming device and the smartphone on a single network.
  • Note that screen mirroring works only if you connect using a single network.
  • This Screen Mirroring feature is not supported on Google devices running OS 6.0 or on any iOS software.
  • Try the Roku Mobile App which is an excellent alternative for displaying videos, photos, or any music playlists stored on your smartphone to your TV.

How to use Screen Mirroring on your Roku device

  • Check to see if your mobile supports the mirror screening feature
  • From settings, choose this feature screen mirroring option from the system menu.
  • For using this option, ensure you enable this option.
  • Your device must be supported to enjoy this feature

Enable the Screen Mirroring on your Android device

  • Your smartphone supports Screen Mirroring if your smartphone device is using the Android version 4.2.
  • For an android phone, you must choose the project from the action centre.
  • Connect to a wireless display and then follow the onscreen instructions on your Roku device.

For more guidance, check with our agents who are always available online for you. We shall guide you over call, so reach us at the toll-free lines +1-805-221-0150 or visit For more information and guidance on how to stream from tablet to Roku, reach out to us for instant support.