How to Mirror Cast Samsung Android to Roku 3

Since screen mirroring is the easiest way to share your personal videos or music files it is best that every user is acquainted with how to mirror cast Samsung Android to Roku 3.

how to mirror cast samsung android to Roku 3

If you own a Roku 3 and are looking to screen mirror, check this article, which we believe will be very insightful.

Few models of the Roku allow the screen mirroring option. Apart from the Roku 3, the Roku 2 and the streaming stick has this feature enabled. By screen mirroring, you can easily mirror the content which is stored on the smartphone or PC to your TV! This is what you have to do for screen mirroring:

  • Enable the screen mirroring option on your Roku device.
  • Go to the settings bar and choose the left navigation bar.
  • Then, choose the option which says “Screen Mirroring”.
  • Ensure your Samsung device runs on version 4.4.2 or later to avail this mirroring feature.

How to check the Mobile OS version?

  • You can check this through the Settings
  • Go to the” About Device” option
  • Connect your Samsung device to the same network where your Roku 3 is connected.
  • Now, to know the network of your Roku, check the network section of the settings menu.

You can also call our tech experts to personally guide you how to mirror cast Samsung Android to Roku 3.

How to mirror the screen?

  • Go to the settings and then click on the display
  • You will find the option which says CastScreen.
  • From here, tap the option “Menu” which is found in the top corner of the screen.
  • Now check for the option which says “Enable Wireless Display” and then see if your Roku player appears under the Cast Screen tab.
  • If you aren’t able to find the Roku device, reopen Cast Screen from the settings. On locating the device, tap on the device to connect.
  • Choose the folders on your mobile device to display on your TV.

The method of mirroring might differ slightly with the different smartphone manufactures. For any assistance on how to mirror cast Samsung Android to Roku 3, speak to our online agents at who is available for guidance and support. Reach our online team at toll-free lines at +1-805-221-0150 or visit our website at