Roku Error Codes

It is a common thing to get errors and other technical issues in electronic devices. Likewise, Roku error codes are the ones which appear as prompts on the screen due to some problems in the device installation process or any other account setting steps. Errors denoted by different numbers are displayed on the screen, which indicates different issues with respect to the device setup. You need to solve the issue as soon as possible after receiving the error codes.

So, in this blog, we are going to give some insights on how to fix error code on Roku devices.

Roku Error Code 003

Roku error code 003 errors arise mainly due to the usage of an older version of a software in the Roku device. This error may also occur due to problems in the internet network or unstable connection or errors in the server.

To resolve

  • Check your router settings to know whether it is operating in an uninterrupted connection or not
  • Update your software to the latest version and for this update process, you have to press the following buttons with the right counts
  • Tap your home button for ‘5’ times then, fast forward button for ‘3’ times, followed by the rewind button for ‘2’ times and at last click the ‘ok’ button

Roku Error Code 003

Roku Error Code 009

If you are receiving the Roku error code 009, then the solution is quite simple. This is similar to the previous one because it happens as a result of an improper connection between the streaming device and the router. To learn how to fix Roku error codes, just reset your streaming device and the router and fix the interrupted connection.

Roku Error Code 014

If either the wired or wireless internet connection is lost after the network connection, this error will arise on the screen. So please make sure, that you don’t have the uninterrupted network issue. To resolve this, go to the settings menu and try to set up your internet connection with the device. Otherwise, do the following steps to get the solution as soon as possible.

Roku Error Code 014

  • Neglect the wireless connection and connect your Roku device to the router using an Ethernet cable and complete the wired connection setup process on your Roku
  • After accomplishing the Ethernet connection, go to the internet settings in the Roku menu.
  • Select the wireless connection option to view the available networks
  • Select the right wireless network and enter the password correctly then, the error will disappear after a few minutes

Roku Error Code 018

Roku error code 018 is a usual error for all the users, where they are facing it because of poor internet connection. Sometimes, it may also arise due to entering the invalid credentials for the account. This error will rise if the device is in need of data to the stream.

Ensure your TV, Roku and other devices are connected in the same internet network. If not, revise the connection. You can perform a quick restart and find out how to fix error code by using the following steps.

  • Access the ‘Settings’ option and then go to the ‘System’ and click ‘System Restart for restarting the Roku player’ or ‘Restart for restarting the Roku TV’.

Roku Error Code 016

This Roku error code 016 commonly arises while the network connection is lost during the channel launching process. So, to resolve this, go to ‘Set up connection’ and access the network settings on your Roku and follow the on-screen guidelines. If the error prevails even after the previous step then, the wireless signal may be poor. And ensure your Roku device is within the set range from the router.

Roku Error Code 017

This error will pop up when the Roku device is getting a poor internet signal and to indicate this trouble to the user, the device is showing this error. To rectify this, please turn off all the devices and reset the internet connection. Follow the other on-screen guidelines in fixing your Roku device to the router.

Roku Error Code 001

Roku error code 001 is not like the previous errors, as they arise only because of the internet network issues. This error comes up only during the process of Roku device activation steps. If you didn’t handle the device activation steps in a correct way then, you would probably end up with this error.

So, to troubleshoot this and find out how to fix error code,

  • Go to the home menu by pressing the home button 5 times. Then tap the fast-forward button 3 times. After all the above, press the rewind button and finally, click the ‘Ok’ to submit the process.
  • In addition to this, download and install the latest software update (unable to update the software) by connecting to the wireless network.

Roku Error Code 001

Troubleshooting Other Roku Error Codes

Mostly the above said errors are due to a common issue of ‘interrupted internet connection’. If your Roku device is not able to connect with the network properly, do the following steps.

  • First, in the home menu, go to the settings tab and click ‘Network’>and then, tap ‘Check connection’. This setting has two parts where, one will check the local connection, and the other one will examine the strength of the signal.
  • Ensure you are entering the credentials without any error and don’t connect the router to too many devices at the same time.
  • Place the Roku device as close as possible to the router and increase the signal strength. Try to restart the Roku and router using the system restart option in the settings menu.

Troubleshooting Other Roku Error Codes

As a user, it is hard to troubleshoot all these errors with a proper solution. So, it is a better option to rely on expert guidance to avoid any further troubles.

We have elucidated all the rectification process on how to fix Roku error codes separately for every error. By performing the above-mentioned steps, one can troubleshoot error codes to an extent. But in some cases, errors will be too complex for one to solve. In that case, to know better insights about the troubleshooting and to get support, call our technical team at +1-888-844-1380 or visit