Here is the YouTube Channel to entertain you to the best. Get the streaming experience with the trending video collections on demand. You will never feel bored streaming the top videos updated on the channel. Start the channel activation and never miss the best opportunity to watch your favorites.

Youtube Com Activate Roku

How to add this channel to your account

  • You first have to open the Roku account corresponding to your device
  • Then, go directly to the channel store’s search box and search for the channel
  • Navigate to the Add a channel menu and then select the same
  • Now, wait for a couple of minutes and check if the channel name appears on your list of channels
  • Otherwise, try adding the channel one more time
  • Go to your Roku device and check if the channel is available to stream
  • If not, restart your Roku player and once again check for the channel availability
  • On the contrary, if you wish to add the channel to a single device and not to the account, then you can use the following set of instructions.
  • On your TV, navigate to the streaming channels menu and search for the YouTube channel
  • Once you locate the channel, you can add it and wait for the addition to reflect on your device
  • You may have to enter a PIN depending on your preference settings on your Roku account

For any issues call our toll-free +1-805-221-0150 number or visit our website

What can I stream?

Once you complete youtube com activate Roku, you can stream live sports, news, movies, music and so much more on the Roku platform. Common types of YouTube video genres are,

  1. Product review videos
  2. DIY videos
  3. Video blogs
  4. Gaming videos
  5. Comedy or plays
  6. Memes
  7. Educational videos
  8. Collection
  9. Prank videos

And, here is a list of popular YouTube channels that you can start streaming right away.

Product review videos

1. Marques Brownlee’s reviews
2. Evan TubeRaw’s product reviews

DIY videos

1. Kipkay’s DIY videos
2. Mathew Santoro’s videos

Video blogs

1. Bethany Mota’s channel
2. Casey Neistat’s channel

Gaming videos

1. Let’s Play channel
2. PewDiePie gaming channel

Comedy videos

1. Lilly Singh’s videos
2. Freddie Wong’s ‘London Brawling’

Educational Videos

1. Vsauce’s channel
2. AsapSCIENCE’s ‘Amazing facts to blow your mind’