Four things you need to know after you are done with your Roku setup

Have you added a Roku Player or Roku TV to your home entertainment? We welcome you to the unimaginable world of high quality streaming that gets you high! Roku set up could be a little confusing till you get used to the interface, but Hey! The Roku customer service will help you with the Roku set up!  Just a call to the Roku customer service, your Roku set up will be done in no time!

Roku Device Setup

For Roku Setup:

  • Connect your Roku player to the TV using an HDMI cable
  • Fix and connect the power adapter to the player
  • After you power ON, connect it to your home network
  • Create a Roku account and link it using

Few pointers to get you started with your brand new Roku device:

1. Dig out the Gold from the Roku Channel Store

Browse the Roku channel Store for its large library of entertainment hub of Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and many others! The real trick is to find all the goodies that are streamed for free! Whether it is movie spree or educational programming, find everything from the likes of TedTalks, PBS Kids, Pandora and many others!

2. The Updated Roku mobile app

When you are feeling a bit lazy to steer your remote control, seek comfort in the Mobile app downloaded to your Smartphone! Yes, that’s right! Download the latest Roku Mobile App that is going to provide few unbelievable features such as voice search, remote facilitation, and on screen keyboard. With private listening on your phone, you can tune into your favourite shows anytime!

3. A Handy Search option

The Roku search option allows you to pick anything of your choice! The Roku channels are also displayed with their availability and pricing.

4. Follow what you love

Just like social media accounts, you can follow your favourite type of entertainment, so you never miss out what you love! Click the follow button on the links you love, and you will be notified when your favourite show is aired or if the pricing has changed!

Now that you are familiar with the Roku features, are you ready for some awesome streaming?

If you feel you would like to be assisted, just ring the Roku Customer service through the toll free 1-888-844-1380 or visit for the chat.

We are happy to help!

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