Can You Use A Universal Remote On A Roku TV

You have a Smart Roku TV and can you use a universal remote on a Roku TV? YES. Here, we will see how you can setup a universal remote or a one belonging to a satellite or cable connection to control your Roku TV.

can you use a universal remote on a roku tv

  • This feature is not supported by all universal remotes
  • To check if your remote supports this feature, you can compare it with the below-given information of the cable provider and the corresponding remote model numbers
    • ATT UVERSE – S10-S1, S-20 / S-30 (basic support)
    • BRIGHT HOUSE CABLE – URC 1056 (expanded support)
    • CABLEVISION – UR – 2 – CBL – CV04 (basic support)
    • CHARTER – UR4U – MDVR – CHD2 (basic support)
    • COMCAST – ON DEMAND DVR 3 DEVICE (expanded support)
    • COX COMMUNICATIONS – URC – 8820 – MOTO (expanded support)
    • DIRECTV – RC 65 (basic support)
    • DISH NETWORK – 21.1 IR / UHF (basic support)
    • ONN – ONA12AV058 (expanded support)
    • RCA / VOXX – RCRN03BR (expanded support)
    • TIME WARNER – UR5U – 8780L (basic support)
    • VERIZON FIOS – VZ P265v3 RC (basic support)
    • XFINITY – XR 2, XR 5, VOICE REMOTE XR 11 (basic support)
  • If your remote is listed here, then your question of can you use a universal remote on a Roku TV is answered
  • For pairing your universal remote with the Roku TV, you have to contact your cable TV provider
  • Based on the brand of your Roku TV, you will receive a code to pair the remote
  • Using this code, you can program your remote based on its functionality
  • With a basic support remote, you will be able to perform only basic actions such as power, volume, and input selection functions
  • However, with an expanded support remote, you can perform the following functions
    • Power
    • Volume
    • Input selection
    • Home
    • Up
    • Down
    • Right
    • Left
    • Replay
    • Play / pause
    • Reverse scan
    • Forward scan
    • Star button

Logitech Harmony remote

  • You can make use of the Harmony mobile app as a remote to control the Roku TV
  • Download and install this app in your mobile device
  • Go to the MENU option -> then, select the HARMONY SETUP option
  • Then, move on to the ADD / EDIT DEVICES & ACTIVITIES option -> and choose the DEVICES option
  • Finally, select the ADD A DEVICE option to add your Roku TV

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