How can you hook a Roku up to an older TV?

The big question for many users always can you hook a Roku up to an older TV? For the most part, the users do not wish to change their older TV models due to affordability but would still like to use newer Roku devices to stream their favorite content.

can you hook a Roku up to an older TV

Many users buy the Roku device and then feel the disappointment when the device does not fit with their TV!

  • You should definitely check if your TV is outdated to use the Roku streaming player.
  • Due to the outdated model versions, the TV software might not be quite compatible with Roku software.
  • The newly introduced Smart TVs have their own software interface which comes with their own apps, which come preloaded when you are using a new TV!

Check the Different Connection Options for the Roku to your old TV

  • To find out can you hook a Roku up to an older TV try the two basic options for connecting your Roku to your TV which is the HDMI and the AV cables.
  • We would recommend using HDMI cable as the first option.
  • Most of the Roku models have this connection option, and this will suffice to stream the HD content.
  • The second option to use A/V cables can be chosen if your Roku has this connection type enabled.
  • Not every Roku streaming player comes with this connection option.
  • Another point to note is that you will be limited to streaming your content at only 480p resolution.
  • Since the HD content will be downscaled, you won’t be able to pick anything to stream from Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Other options

  • If your Roku player doesn’t fit with the old TV, try getting the new future-ready TV!
  • Since effective and new features are available on Roku, it might be quite worthwhile to invest in such devices! However, if your TV is working fine, you can always carry on with it.

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