Can a Roku be jailbroken?

Can a Roku be jailbroken? Check with our online experts who shall tell you how to easily jailbreak Roku.  Check this short article which is an easy guide on how to successfully jailbreak Roku player by getting Kodi on the Roku platform!  Follow these instructions and for more information, you can always call our helpline.

can a roku be jailbroken

Jailbroken is a common technique used by devices to accept unauthorized installation of software.  It manipulates the root file to accept unauthorized apps, software and extensions which the device does not support. Jailbroken technique becomes popular due to the limitations set by the companies. As customization evolved, so is the jailbroken technique.

Ensure these prior requirements are in place before you start the process:

  • Check if your Roku player has the mirroring feature.
  • The requirement of a Windows PC or a laptop or any Android smartphone.

For this process, you need to install the Kodi on the device. This is done to ensure that it is used to mirror the android device.

  • First, Press on the home button of the streaming device.
  • Then, check the settings menu.
  • Find the option system update.
  • This step will ensure that the updated software is done on your Roku streaming device.
  • Minimum least version of 5.2 software is required for jailbreak.
  • From the download centre, update the Roku software
  • Check the settings menu, once the updating is done.
  • Choose to select the Screen Mirroring option from this menu list.
  • Then, enable this screen mirroring to install the Kodi on Roku streaming devices.

If you are still wondering can a Roku be jailbroken then use the steps listed below which we recommend for an easier installation of Kodi. However, ensure you are using the Windows 8.1 or higher version before this method is followed.

  • Use the start-up option from the menu to open.
  • Then, navigate to the search box.
  • Now, add the option ‘Add Device’.
  • Now, select your Roku and then, check the mark next to it.
  • Your screen of your Roku device should now turn into purple color.

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