Apple TV Vs Roku – Choose the best streaming player 

If you are wondering which of the two devices you should own, the Apple TV Vs Roku, don’t go past without reading this! We have highlighted some of the wonderful features of Apple TV and a Roku Streaming Device. We are an online user assistance Center, offering guidance for users to understand their devices better.

Apple TV Vs Roku


Roku is one of the pioneer and most famous name among the streaming industry. The setup and usability of the device is so simple and also affordable. Roku models include Roku Express, Ultra, Premiere and Streaming Stick.

Apple TV

If you have an iPhone or using the Apple ecosystem, then you can definitely opt for the Apple TV. The downside of the Apple TV is that it is on a pricey side. The basic range starts from $149 to $179 for 4K streaming players.

Apple TV Vs Roku – Which is Better?

  • Check the setup of the Apple TV, which allows you to sync between an iPhone and the Apple TV.
  • The syncing between the two is quick, when the ID and the WIFI information is collected.
  • The Watch now feature in the apple TV is very similar to the Roku Feed, which is actually a summary of the TV shows and movies about to be featured.
  • If you love screensavers, there is more to rejoice with Apple TV.
  • Apple TV has stunning screensavers, while compared to Roku streaming players.
  • When remote functionality is the concern, Rokuis the winner owing to the simple interface and the basics done right. There are quite a few new features which come with the Roku Player like night mode, private listening etc.
  • On the other hand, the apple TV remote fit is good, and also has good control setting of the TV and sound bar through the HDMI and also the IR outputs.
  • If you are an iPhone user, Apple TV might seem very familiar to you.
  • Collaboration of the Siri’sto the Apple TV is purely brilliant.
  • When personal assistance is subject of concern, there is no personal assistant installed yet with Roku.
  • AirPlay feature makes your Apple TV experience enhanced with interesting apps and games. Well, if you are a Roku user, resort to the Channel store.
  • Channel store is very similar to the google play store or the Android store, which helps you in downloading and using the channel apps.
  • When you are too particular about content, Roku is definitely and undoubtedly the best streaming device in the market.

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