Amazon and Netflix work on Roku but not channel store

If amazon and Netflix work on Roku but not channel store then you can install VPN to find these channels on the channel store.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private network is a secure pathway between two or more devices for more save browsing. It can help you in preventing and protecting private web traffic from snooping, interference and censorship. VPN will provide security and privacy to private and public networks which can more often used by corporations to protect sensitive date. The User’s IP address is replaced with the IP address provided by the VPN provider. VPN uses Encryption protocol method and also secure tunneling which will encapsulate all your data that you use on your web.

Amazon and Netflix work on Roku but not channel store


You cannot directly install a VPN app onto your device when amazon and Netflix work on Roku but not channel store. VPN clients are not there in any of the Roku streaming devices.  There are three ways by which you can setup VPN on Roku using the following steps.

  • You can try setting up VPN on your Router.
  • You can convert your PC/MAC into a Wi-Fi hotspot by installing the VPN onto your systems.
  • Smart DNS proxy services that are provided by VPN services can also be used to install VPN onto your Roku device.


Not all the Routers support VPN.  Only a DD-WRT or Tomato based router has the option of installing VPN in them.

Installing VPN can provide the same secure web browsing option to every device that is connected the router to which you have installed the VPN. You can also connect your Roku device to it.

VPN routers can help you by being very cost efficient and also help in saving the data. Read the blog to understand how to setup the VPN on to your Roku device.

MAC pc into wi-fi hotspot:

  1. Click on System Preferences menu on your MAC, select Sharing from the menu.
  2. Choose Internet sharing from the sharing menu that appears on the left panel. You will get the internet sharing options. From the right panel provide
    • The L2TP VPN connection you just created] next to share your connection from and also provide check the box for Wi-Fi next to computer using.
  3. Choose the WI-FI options and provide the following details
    • Provide your Network Name at “choose a network name” that you will have to remember
    • Do not make any changes to the channel and leave it as “leave as default”.
    • Similarly, keep Security as WPA2 Personal
    • Provide a password to keep your network secured at the space “choose a password”.
    • Retype your password to Verify at “re-enter your password”
  4. Select Ok to save the changes.
  5. Click on the Internet Sharing from the sharing menu to put a check mark next to it. A prompt message will pop up to switch on your internet sharing. Select
  6. If you see “Internet Sharing: On” and then you can see a green light next to it. It means your internet sharing is ready to be used.
  7. Switch on your Roku device after performing the above steps.
  8. Using your Roku remote from the home menu, click on the select option to open the From the settings choose Network. Click on Wireless (Wi-Fi). Choose Set up a new Wi-Fi connection to connect to a new network.
  9. Choose the Wi-Fi network name you have created on your MAC PC and provide the password.

You will now be able to use VPN on your Roku device and Amazon and Netflix work on Roku but not channel store error would have been solved. For steps and guidance to install VPN on Smart DNS proxy services visit or contact our customer care number at +1-888-844-1380